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Information Technology
•  Introduction to Microsoft Office365
•  Introduction to VBA
•  Microsoft 2007 Upgrade Training
•  Microsoft 2010 Upgrade/Conversion Training
•  Microsoft Access 2007 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Access 2007 Introduction
•  Microsoft Access 2010 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction
•  Microsoft Access 2013 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Access 2013 Introduction
•  Microsoft Access The Next Step with Queries
•  Microsoft Excel Analysing Data
•  Microsoft Excel Charts
•  Microsoft Excel Creating a Budget
•  Microsoft Excel Customising & Automating a Workbook
•  Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced
•  Microsoft Excel 2007 Introduction
•  Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction
•  Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced
•  Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced
•  Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Excel 2013 Introduction
•  Microsoft Excel Analysis Techniques
•  Microsoft Excel Formulae
•  Microsoft Excel Problem Solving using Pivot Tables
•  Microsoft Excel Sharing & Protecting Spreadsheets
•  Microsoft Office365 End User
•  Microsoft Outlook 2007 Advanced
•  Microsoft Outlook 2007 Introduction
•  Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced
•  Microsoft Outlook 2010 Introduction
•  Microsoft Outlook Diary Management
•  Microsoft Outlook Task Management
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Advanced
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Introduction
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Introduction
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Introduction
•  Microsoft PowerPoint Creating a Slideshow
•  Microsoft Project 2007 Creating and Managing a Project
•  Microsoft Project 2010 Creating and Managing a Project
•  Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced
•  Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction
•  Microsoft Windows Introduction
•  Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced
•  Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Word 2007 Introduction
•  Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced
•  Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Word 2010 Introduction
•  Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced
•  Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate
•  Microsoft Word 2013 Introduction
•  Microsoft Word Building Effective Reports & Proposals
•  Microsoft Word Customising Word
•  Microsoft Word Mail Merge
•  Microsoft Word Mail Merge
•  Microsoft Word Managing Large Documents
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In-Company Solutions / Information Technology

Information Technology permeates every part of our modern lives. PC's and devices are no longer a luxury; they are commodities that are business and personal necessities.

We are in the 3rd generation of computer use. For most of us, that means we have mastered the basics of PC use and we can get by nicely. What we need now is to excel!

We need IT skills that are targeted to our precise needs;

Word skills that will allow me to format that document for maximum impact.

Excel skills that allow me to analyse a wider range of figures and information to gain a clearer picture of my performance.

PowerPoint skills that will allow me to construct a presentation that will enhance my proposal and blow away the competition. We need IT skills that are immediate and applicable.

At Rhodes Training & Development our IT training has a sharp business focus. IT is the means not the end. That means delivering IT training in a manner that is responsive and absolutely focused on your business needs.

That can mean:

  • Delivering short, sharp, on-site IT training courses utilising our mobile IT training kit for a specific application.
  • Providing on-site support post course via an experienced IT consultant.
  • Floor-walking to answer any immediate application problems.

We can also combine personal development and IT courses to show how IT support can enhance skills development, for example Time Management & Outlook, Project Management & MS Project.

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