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In-Company Solutions / Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is a plastic personality trait which describes an individual’s mindset when faced with challenge, change and adversity.

Can it be developed? The answer is "it can” although that might happen in two ways and it won’t be immediately obvious which is happening. We can teach people of all ages to:

Deal more effectively with stressors of all types – here we think we can make fundamental changes to the way a person thinks about problems and issues.

Cope better with stressors – here we show an individual to adopt tactics and strategies which enable them to deal effectively with problems and issues. These are often copies of what a more mentally tough person would do.

Rhodes has developed Mental Toughness Development Programme designed to enable participants to develop strategies and plans to help them perform under pressure, and to support others around them. This leads to better performance, wellbeing and, in many instances, an improved work life balance. They will learn to approach challenge, stress & pressure with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

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